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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from the just-released podcast that Juliette Sellgren did with Deirdre McCloskey; it occurs just after the 23-minute mark:

Liberalism is the theory that everyone should be an adult.

DBx: Of course, as regular readers of this blog know, by “liberalism” Deirdre here correctly means what is today sometimes called “classical liberalism.” Deirdre means true liberalism – the liberalism of Adam Smith, of Frederic Bastiat, of Harriet Martineau, of Yves Guyot, of Rose Wilder Lane, of Ludwig von Mises, of F.A. Hayek, of Milton Friedman, of James Buchanan, of Vernon Smith, of Bruce Yandle, and of Walter Grinder. Deirdre does not mean by “liberalism” the statism that for the past 100 years or so in English-speaking countries has camouflaged itself in this noble name.

And Deirdre is correct about liberalism and adults. Every other political theory holds that most people are too stupid, too ruthless, too impulsive, or too evil not to be ordered about by wise commanders. The commanders might be popularly elected, but – as every non-liberal theory holds – commanders are indispensable. The people – every non-liberal theory holds – cannot be trusted to be left alone each to conduct his or her own affairs as each sees fit bound only to respect the same right of other.

Liberalism, and only liberalism, respects each adult as an adult.


Pictured above is Harriet Martineau.