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Some Links

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Thomas Sowell explains that opponents of charter schools are opponents of better education for the children of the poor. A slice:

Not all charter schools succeed and not all traditional public schools fail. But, by and large, in New York City the hard data in my new book, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies,” show most charter schools doing decisively better than the traditional public schools housed in the same buildings with them.

Although New York’s charter schools usually come out ahead in comparisons based on data, traditional public schools often come out ahead in comparisons based on rhetoric.

One piece of rhetoric that seems plausible on the surface is that charter schools “skim the cream” of students, leaving the public schools worse off. But this ignores the fact that admission to New York City charter schools is by lottery—that is, by luck—and not by students’ academic records or test results.

And here’s Richard Ebeling on Thomas Sowell as the latter turns 90.

Max Gulker writes a passionate open letter of protest to the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

I agree with the thrust of what is written here by Megan McArdle.

Here’s wisdom from Nick Gillespie.

My colleague Richard Wagner explores the law-and-economics of our late colleague Gordon Tullock.

Juliette Sellgren talks about conservatism and baseball with George Will.