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Some Links

From two years ago: Jamie Whyte devastatingly reviews Mariana Mazzucato’s book The Value of Everything. A slice:

Mazzucato’s failure to refute marginalism, or to offer any coherent theory of value of her own, undermines her subsequent claims about who is making and who is taking, who is a producer and who a mere rentier. These assertions are entailed by no theory of value; they are the personal judgements of Mazzucato about who is deserving and who not.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is rightly dismayed – although hardly surprised – that Congress dropped the ball on rescuing small businesses. Here’s her conclusion:

The bottom line is that the PPP was poorly thought through, implemented and administered, and even more poorly targeted — in other words, typical congressional carelessness.

James Pethokoukis describes Trump’s new ban on work visas as “economic suicide.”

Wall Street Journal columnist Daniel Henninger writes insightfully about the mad and myopic mindlessness now afoot. A slice:

I think people across the political spectrum are shell-shocked by the events of these weeks, especially the Taliban-like smashing of monuments and the embrace of lawlessness as an official ideology, with no credible pushback from Joe Biden or other prominent Democrats.

Art Carden explains some of the errors of those “historians” who assert that capitalism is the child of slavery.

Alberto Mingardi explores the extent to which “National Socialism” was socialist.

“Black and white Americans are embracing the Second Amendment” – so writes Jeff Jacoby.