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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from near the 20-minute, 30-second mark of Russ Roberts’s splendid August 2019 EconTalk podcast with George Will; specifically, it’s Will commenting on (one of the many) figments of the distorted economic imaginations of Trumpians and Progressives (original emphasis):

And what the Trumpian Right and the Progressives want is to pull up the drawbridge, raise the walls, and somehow coerce the manufacturing jobs [to] come back to the United States. We have people in the White House who talk about repatriating our supply chains. Now, these people have no clue what the supply chain of a Boeing Dreamliner looks like. Or even a much simpler gadget like an iPhone looks like. Repatriating the supply chains–trying to repatriate Boeing supply chains–would simply make Airbus the indisputable winner in the commercial aviation competition.