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Some Links

Matt Purple ably defends the signers of the Harper’s letter against the mad intolerance of woke cancelers. (HT Walter Grinder) A slice:

Second and more importantly, the reaction to the letter demonstrates just how oblivious the left has become to its own power. Back in the 1960s, to be a leftist was to be countercultural, smashing monogamy and fighting the man. Today’s left wants that same rebellious aura, except that they’ve since marched through just about every major institution. Academia swallows whole their assumptions; so does the publishing industry, many corporate boards, much of the media, the federal bureaucracy, a healthy section of the internet. Those who speak out against the Harper’s letter are thus not remotely “marginalized”; they are heard loudly and often. Many of them have blue Twitter checkmarks, that garish amulet of the modern elite. This is how power works now: money and rank matter less than they used to, visibility and influence count for more. And by those yardsticks, the woke are plenty powerful.

Peter Earle pleads with technocrats to observe the Hippocratic Oath.

Jeffrey Tucker worries that the lockdown might be killing the arts.

Peter Suderman warns of the disincentives created by paying people not to work.

Walter Olson offers sound advice on how to promote more accountability by the police in America.

What’s it like to be a business owner during covid-19?

Corey Deangelis documents yet another reason to loathe the government-schooling racket.

Sarah Skwire is correct: economics is everywhere.