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Some Links

Simon Lester corrects the record regarding the W.T.O. and beef labeling.

David Henderson spoke recently with Laura Ingraham about his WSJ op-ed on covid and the future of schooling in America. (The quotation from Joe Biden is appalling.)

Ron Bailey reviews Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never. A slice:

Shellenberger isn’t denying the reality of man-made climate change. He’s arguing that humanity is already adapting to the ways climate change has been making weather patterns evolve, and that we will continue to adapt successfully in the future. His book is ultimately a sustained argument that poverty is world’s most important environmental problem, and that rising prosperity and increasing technological prowess will ameliorate or reverse most deleterious environmental trends.

Brian Doherty explains that Peter Thiel is an economic nationalist and not a libertarian.

My Mercatus Center colleague Michael Farren and his co-author John Mozena offer a different, better fiscal fix for state and local governments.

Mark Perry reports on a potential upside of keeping kids off of college campuses this Fall!

Shikha Dalmia rightly complains about the lockdowns in Michigan.

Economist Christian Bjørnskov explored the empirical connection between lockdown policies and covid mortality. (HT Dan Klein) Here’s the abstract of his paper:

I explore the association between the severity of lockdown policies in the first half of 2020 and mortality rates. Using two indices from the Blavatnik Centre’s Covid 19 policy measures and comparing weekly mortality rates from 24 European countries in the first halves of 2017-2020, and addressing policy endogeneity in two different ways, I find no clear association between lockdown policies and mortality development.