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by Don Boudreaux on August 3, 2020

in Budget Issues, Current Affairs, Data, Economics, Innovation, Philosophy of Freedom, Podcast, Seen and Unseen, Work

Art Carden remembers the late W.H. Hutt on the 121st anniversary of the latter’s birth. (I met Hutt once, in Fairfax, in 1987. He was a charming man, suffering terribly from arthritis, but with a mind as alert as ever.)

GMU Econ alum Abigail Devereaux looks at the connection between the severity of covid lockdowns and economic damage.

In this podcast, Arnold Kling makes the case for awarding a Nobel Prize in economics to Ed Leamer.

James Pethokoukis applauds Jeff Bezos.

Pierre Lemieux is correct: There is never a good reason for economists to ignore supply-and-demand analysis.

Steve Horwitz introduces Austrian economics.

“No more state aid” says Cato’s Chris Edwards.


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