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Some Links

Alan Reynolds writes wisely about the inevitable negative impact of minimum wages on low-skilled workers. Here’s his conclusion:

Past increases in the federal minimum wage always resulted in many more people pushed into jobs paying below minimum and usually losing whatever benefits they previously enjoyed. Far from being an effective and humane way to raise the lowest incomes the unintended consequence of increasing the federal minimum wage has, in fact, been to force hundreds of thousands more Americans into substandard jobs and make the poorest workers poorer.

David Henderson asks if China is an economic threat.

Mark Perry explains that California’s “green dream” is a nightmare.

Regardless of which of the two unambiguous evils – Biden or Trump – you regard as the lesser, understand that Trump is no champion of small government.

Tyler Cowen is correct: today’s actual rate of inflation is much higher than the official rate.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Bill Evers laments the curriculum in California’s government-operated schools. A slice:

Welcome to “critical ethnic studies,” which boils down to vulgar Marxism, identity politics and victimology. Ideologically blinkered designers of ethnic-studies programs miss out on knowledge and analysis from mainstream social sciences that could enhance what students are taught.

Brian Doherty recommends bourgeois libertarianism.