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Some Links

J.D. Tuccille wisely warns of the dangers of the covid lockdowns. Here’s his conclusion:

Given what we know now after months of unpleasant experience, it should be obvious that restrictions intended to preserve our health are making us poorer and angrier. Further disrupting people’s social connections and economic activity would be worse than pouring salt on open wounds. It would amount to throwing a lit match on a pile of oil-soaked rags.

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy rightly complains about the hypocrisy and cronyism of those who support the U.S. Export-Import Bank.

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan correctly protests against the popular denial of human agency. A slice (original emphasis):

Self-help is like a vaccine: When used, it works wonders.  The fact that many people refuse to do what works is a flimsy reason to humor them.  And it is a terrible reason to endorse clear-cut errors like, “They just can’t do it.”   Anyone can get vaccinated; just roll up your sleeve and let the doctor stick you with the needle.  Anyone can be thin; just eat moderately and exercise regularly.  And anyone can improve his own life; just stop making excuses and follow the path of prudence.

(Please: No nit-picking about Bryan’s use of the word “thin”; the context indicates that he means ‘not overweight, and certainly not obese.’)

Joakim Book celebrates the bumblebeeness of his native Sweden. A slice:

Throughout the pandemic Sweden has followed its own decentralized public health governance and its politicians have mostly stepped out of the way, dealing with the pandemic calmly and prudently. Despite an avalanche of foreign criticism of its pandemic response, it has held its ground, mostly immune to foreign rumblings, denunciations, and indignant judgments.

Pierre Lemieux laments impoverishing – and sometimes lethal – economic illiteracy.

After watching Tuesday’s presidential “debate,” George Will sensibly calls for all remaining debates to be cancelled. A slice:

Presidential debates test next to nothing that is germane to the performance of presidential duties. Biden’s ungraceful scrum with someone unhinged and uninformed was an event with no analogue in a well-managed presidency.

Arnold Kling shares another report on modern academia’s descent into mysticism and dogma, and the resulting cruelty of its clerics.