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Some Links

I applaud AIER for hosting an important event regarding covid – one featuring top scientists – and for issuing a public declaration.

J.D. Tuccille documents some of the authoritarianism that is at the heart of the covid lockdowns. A slice:

These authoritarian tools may become permanent because government officials are rarely punished for doing something,even if the something is awful and counterproductive. It’s leaving things alone to be worked out by individuals according to their own priorities and preferences for which politicians get called out.

In addition, people who go into government tend to be the sort who naturally gravitate toward using power. And crises are excellent excuses for accumulating unprecedented authority and using it in novel ways.

“For authoritarian-minded leaders, the coronavirus crisis is offering a convenient pretext to silence critics and consolidate power,” Human Rights Watch cautioned in April.

Steve Landsburg offers a good reason for why we need billionaires.

Here’s another of Mark Perry’s great Venn diagrams.

Nick Gillespie and Jacob Sullum argue that freedom will be better served by Amy Coney Barrett than it was by Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Here’s yet more evidence that Democrats are no less prone to practice cronyism for corporations than are Republicans.

Jeffrey Clemens and Michael Strain find evidence that minimum wages do help labor unions.