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Some Links

J.D. Tuccille documents another of the awful realities of covid lockdowns. A slice:

And maybe parents who are desperate to see their kids resume their interrupted educations, and worshippers eager to find some solace during tough times, should place more weight on their own decision-making skills than on those of politicians. They, after all, are struggling to do their imperfect best by themselves and their families. They’ll make mistakes, of course, but those mistakes will be on a small scale, and made in the course of attempting to do the right thing.

By contrast, Cuomo seems best-skilled at consuming camera time while inflicting widespread pain and engaging in political combat. His track record necessarily casts a shadow over every word he utters and each new mandate he gives.

Also writing eloquently on the same manifestation of lockdown tyranny is the Wall Street Journal editorial board. A slice:

When asked about the double standard in June, Mr. de Blasio called protests and religious services “apples and oranges” and said the former are more important and deserve privileges denied to the latter. That’s how he and Mr. Cuomo could allow and praise huge protests against the police this summer, but bar 11 Jews from praying together today.

Why are so many people afraid of the Great Barrington Declaration?

Michael Barone laments Americans’ hysterical overreaction to covid – and this reaction’s disproportionate impact on the poor.

Norbert Michel, rightly refusing to fall for the fallacy of American middle-class secular stagnation, warns against harmful  policies proposed to ‘solve’ this non-problem.

Here’s a short essay that my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy and I wrote several weeks ago, but published only a few days ago, on the Payroll Protection Program.

Juliette Sellgren’s podcast with Rachel Greszler on paid leave is well worth a listen.

Mark Jamison continues to expose the faulty economics of the new attempt to batter so-called “Big Tech” with the wrecking ball of antitrust.