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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

is from Brandon Reiter, who is heroically resisting efforts by government officials in Minnesota to arbitrarily shutter his gym, in the name of combatting Covid-19, until December 19th:

It is my choice to remain open. I don’t force anyone to come into my gym. They’re doing it for their health, or well-being, or their mental health. There are going to be thousands of people going to the big box stores over the holidays, but I can’t have 10-15 people in here?

If I’m going to go bankrupt, I’m going to go down swinging.

DBx: You go, excellent sir! Much good luck to you in your struggle against this tyranny – this tyranny that is fueled by a truly horrific and virulent disease, CDS-20 (Covid Derangement Syndrome-20).

Every self-respecting American should be thankful for people such as Mr. Reiter.


I thank Harry Blanek for alerting me to this instance of resistance to tyranny.