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Some Covid Links

Jeffrey Tucker points to new research showing that the Covid-inspired closing of schools is a mistake. Here’s his conclusion:

From the beginning, the lockdowns were a policy in search of a rationale. In all these intervening months, none has been forthcoming. And we are only now seeing the solid research proving that the skeptics were correct from the beginning. The only question now is whether and when the “experts” that produced this astonishing failure will admit their error. Perhaps the answer is: when the media start reporting on it.

Zoë Harcombe argues that SAGE – the British panel that pushes for lockdowns in that country – is fatally infected with conflicts of interest and inadequate expertise. You judge. (HT Dan Klein) A slice:

[Johan] Giesecke said of the Ferguson/Imperial paper: “I don’t think any other scientific endeavour has made such an impression on the world as that rather [pause] debatable paper.”

In the Wall Street Journal, George Mason University law professor Adam White reviews John Fabian Witt’s American Contagions – a book that seems to be uneven. I do like Witt’s description, as quoted by White, of America in 2020 being a “prison archipelago.”

Phil Magness documents further evidence of lockdown-leaders’ sheer hypocrisy.

For those who think that lockdowns are not tyrannical, ya gotta explain away stuff such as this episode in Manchester, UK.