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Thomas Sowell believes that Donald Trump is a lesser evil than is Joe Biden.

Ilya Somin believes that Joe Biden is a lesser evil than is Donald Trump.

John Cochrane offers a detailed analysis of a report on Biden’s economic plan.

Raymond Niles rightly bemoans the sloppy use of the word “monopoly.”

David Henderson rightly applauds the great J.B. Say.

Nick Gillespie talks with Jonathan Rauch.

Juliette Sellgren talks with Greg Lukianoff.

Tom Firey celebrates M*A*S*H. A slice:

An academic thesis has argued that the show’s success came in part from its following changing public values and outlooks as the United States moved from leftish libertinism of the early 1970s, to malaise-induced cynicism of the late ‘70s, to the conservative Reagan Revolution of the early 1980s. Yet, libertarians and other classical liberals — who often find political similarities where others see left–right differences — may perceive something else: that throughout its run, M*A*S*H consistently promoted the ideals of classical liberalism.


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