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Some Links

Mary O’Grady wisely warns: The calamity underway in Venezuela will be underway in the United States if Kamala Harris gets her wish for government policy ostensibly meant to ensure that economically “we all end up at the same place.” A slice:

Efforts to guarantee outcomes are at odds with what it means to live in a free society where equality under the law is the guiding principle. So either Ms. Harris was blowing smoke or she wants to change America into a place where liberty takes a back seat to central planning. The latter is called socialism, a system that is not particularly kind to the poor.

James Pethokoukis notes the reasonableness of many Americans’ fear of the lust for socialism now increasingly found among Progressives and Democrats.

Nick Gillespie reflects intelligently on the outcomes of last-week’s U.S. elections.

Also reflecting intelligently is Ethan Yang, he here on communism.

I’m eager to read Virginia Postrel’s new book, The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World. It’ll be released tomorrow.

Pierre Lemieux favors the liberal solution.

Amelia Janaskie reports on Taiwan’s experience with Covid-19. Here’s her conclusion:

According to the lockdown narrative, Taiwan did almost everything “wrong” but generated what might in fact be the best results in terms of public health of any country in the world.