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Some Links

Yevdokiya Zagumenova understands that everyone should stay home, except….

US News & World Report reports on one of the many maladies caused by Covid Derangement Syndrome. (HT my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague, Veronique de Rugy)

My Mercatus Center colleague Bobbi Herzberg moderated the discussion between Jeffrey Singer and Kristian Niemietz on Covid-19 and the policy responses to it.

David Henderson gives two thumbs down to the movie The Social Dilemma. Here’s his conclusion:

Various friends told me that The Social Dilemma would upset me. It did. As noted, I found the facts about young girls very disturbing. The biggest upset, though, is that a bunch of critics and a movie director manipulate viewers into not knowing that there is another side to this debate, understate the benefits of social media, and use the movie as a vehicle for a rant against capitalism. Other than that, the movie was great.

Will Biden Repeal Trump’s Destructive Food Tariffs?

Here’s Jacob Sullum on Justice Samuel Alito’s perfectly proper public criticism of some U.S. Senators’ tyrannical threat to ‘restructure’ the U.S. Supreme Court if it doesn’t rule as these Senators demand.