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Some Links

Available here is the full text of David Henderson’s and Ryan Sullivan’s excellent October 21st, 2020, Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “End the School Shutdown.

Brown University economist Emily Oster reports, in the Washington Post, on her research through which she finds that schools are not spreading Covid-19.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Seth Barron exposes the lie that is Andrew Cuomo’s and Bill de Blasio’s boast that they adhere to “the science” when making Covid-19 policy decisions, including the decision to close NY schools. Here’s his conclusion:

New York City has enough troubles, with a fiscal crisis, rising crime and a population that can’t wait to leave. It would be nice if it weren’t also plagued by egomaniacal leaders posing as saints of rationality.

Hear! Hear! for California Congressman Tom McClintock! This short speech of his is spot-on. (HT Dan Klein)

Joakim Book writes movingly about the inhumanity of Covid restrictions. Here’s his conclusion:

In a free society, trading, perusing wares, socializing and enjoying the company of others are mutually beneficial, innocent and harmonious actions. In a government-mandated Covid society, these wants are now antagonistic.

Barry Brownstein is rightly thankful for our mutual dependence.