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Some Links

James Bovard decries the tyranny and irrationality unleashed in Montgomery County, Maryland, by Covid Derangement Syndrome (CDS-20). A slice:

Maryland has a hotline number to report any violators of statewide mask mandates, and MoCo is a rich soil for raising informants. Politicians and bureaucrats have fanned mass fears which have ripened into hatred of anyone who does not comply with the latest edict.

David Henderson writes wisely and humanely about vaccines.

Also writing about vaccines – specifically, about the globalization that produces them – is Eric Boehm.

Link 4 is removed, at least temporarily. I perhaps put it up after a too-quick and careless reading.

Art Carden remembers Walter Williams. A slice:

Williams was a towering intellect who made the economic way of thinking come alive to generations of undergraduates, graduate students, readers, and anyone who would listen. He suffered no fools, which incidentally appears as the title of the 2014 Free to Choose Network documentary on his life and work. To adapt an African proverb, the best time to start reading Walter Williams’ work is twenty years ago. The second best time is right now.

Phil Magness documents John Maynard Keynes’s lifelong attraction to eugenics. (Keynes, as they say, “followed the science” – the they who use these three words too often being people who understand neither the role of science nor the nature of policy-making.)