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Wisdom from Hans Eicholz

My dear friend Hans Eicholz, after watching this excellent video, sent an e-mail to a select group of people (including me) who are strategizing about how to protect liberal individualism in the face of hygiene socialism. I share here, with his kind permission, part of Hans’s e-mail (original emphasis):

My response has been and remains, that we need local targeted responses based on what is known of the demographics in specific areas, that is to say federalism and decentralization. Local leaders should be stepping up to make strong statements to specific institutions and populations. Here is where all classical liberals can push back in concert with some success I should think.

But our national leaders wish to make this a unified, not federalized approach. I do not understand why. All the major news networks are still beating the drum of consistent, uniform, national response top down. Is this not, at a minimum, and for those who still hold that “government” ought to play some kind of role in these matters, a huge misallocation of resources–of taxes, talent and people?

Are we so politically decrepit that we must now have, and can only respond to, a Czar? If so, then something has happened to our culture when we can no longer internalize any rule but a command.