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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 306 of Philipp Blom’s 2010 book, A Wicked Company:

Every dictatorship needs transcendence, the promise of a better tomorrow – a perfect beyond, a heaven, a paradise…. After all, only the quasi-religious adherence to a great ideal hovering just out of reach and demanding great sacrifices can justify the cruelties and injustices of today.

DBx: All who have thirsted for authoritarian, top-down command of nearly every aspect of life were given a gift in 2020: Covid-19. With much of humanity scared irrationally out of its wits by fears of Covid, we are now in the iron grip of hygiene socialism. Our rulers promise us salvation from death-by-Covid in return for strict obedience to their diktats.

This paradise to which we are headed carries a ghastly price. And it is a price that we will pay not only today, but also – indeed, especially – when we sheep are more fully impounded in our hygiene paradise.


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