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Some Covid Links

Sebastian Rushworth offers an hypothesis for why humanity reacted so derangedly to Covid-19. A slice:

A hundred years from now, historians will not be talking about covid-19 as an example of a deadly pandemic on par with the Spanish flu. They will be talking about it as an example of how easy it is to induce a state of collective mass hysteria. Given that this is the case, how long will the present hysteria continue?

I think most governments have dug themselves in to a hole in relation to covid. They’ve portrayed it as for more deadly and dangerous than it is. They know this. But to admit the error now is impossible. Partly, that is because lockdown has resulted in so much suffering that it would be suicidal to say that it was all for nothing. Partly it is because the mass media and general public are so convinced of the seriousness of the disease, that any government that argued the contrary would be labeled as irresponsible and deranged.

Carrie Geitner, of Colorado, writes wisely about the failure of lockdowns as she calls on the governor of her state to end the lockdowns there. A slice:

Lockdown apologists insist that while there may be consequences, things could be far worse. Comparing data from across states tells a different story. Florida’s governor embraced focused protection strategies for the vulnerable as advocated by The Great Barrington Declaration after early lockdowns failed.  Florida now has a lower death rate than Colorado, California or New York, states with the most stringent restrictions. Today, Florida ranks among the 10-lowest COVID-19 death rates per capita in the nation.

Science is the systemic study of our world through observation and experimentation. Good policy is informed by evidence, including science. It must also take into account a variety of truths about society and human nature to be most effective. It is now obvious the lockdown experiment has failed spectacularly by ignoring all three. It is time for Gov. Polis to find the moral conviction to acknowledge his failures, follow the growing number of scientists, health policy experts, and the voice of the people and lift these failed lockdown restrictions.

George Michael (no, not that one) douses Covid hysteria with relevant evidence. A slice:

  • “PCR is just a process that’s used to make a whole lot of something out of something… It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick and it doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with is going to hurt you.” Kary Mullis, awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for inventing the PCR test.
  • Current mass-testing protocols are resulting in extremely significant proportions of false-positives. For example, 35–100% of all positive results regarding COVID-19 admissions to hospital in November were false.
  • The mass deployment of PCR testing has created the false appearance of an epidemic in the past — a “pseudo-epidemic”.
  • Many relevant experts have expressed concerns over the response to COVID-19, including the implementation of mass PCR testing.

Phil Magness exposes the disingenuousness of a prominent lockdowner:

This is epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani – one of the principal organizers of the John Snow Memo and currently a vocal proponent of locking down the UK a third time.

I asked her directly a couple weeks ago if she believed the UK should have locked down earlier in the fall and she answered as follows. That answer would be unremarkable in itself as an expression of pro-lockdown beliefs, but in Gurdasani’s case it is complicated by what she was actually doing back at the time.

You see, Gurdasani also wrote an op-ed in mid-October that said another round of lockdowns was just a “strawman” to alarm the public and build up support for the Great Barrington Declaration. That means one of only two things is possible:

1. Gurdasani is lying now when she says she wanted a lockdown back in September and is trying to revise history to suggest that the current mess is the result of policymakers ignoring her advice rather than taking it.

2. Gurdasani was lying in October when she said lockdowns were a strawman, because she actually believed in that “strawman” herself at the time even though she was telling the public it wasn’t on the table.