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Some Covid Links

In this video, biologist Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying expose some of the shoddiness behind the flawed “science” now spreading virally and causing lethal Covid Derangement Syndrome. (HT Sheldon Richman)

“Americans Are Fleeing Lockdowns, When They Can Afford It” – so reports Jeffrey Tucker.

Covid dictators such as Boris Johnson refuse to let go of their tyrannical powers. And don’t think that what much of humanity is now suffering isn’t real, honest-to-badness tyranny.

Michael Psaras calls for more questioning of the case for lockdowns. Here are his opening paragraphs:

For whatever reason, the Government and much of the media are uninterested in questioning the new orthodoxy surrounding public health — even though the policy of ‘lockdown’ is completely new and, surely by this very reason alone, is worth being sceptical about.

It seems almost heretical to many, in these troubling times, to question the assumption that ‘lockdowns’ work in reducing the prevalence of COVID-19. Arguments may rage over whether governments locked down quick enough or hard enough, but it is hard to come across anyone, especially in the media, proposing that lockdown itself may not be as effective as is so widely assumed.

Will Jones defends lockdown skeptics from the charges hurled at them by pro-lockdowners, who almost to a man and woman is an hysterical zealot no more motivated by genuine science than was Torquemada. A slice:

Lockdowners love to point the finger at the failed predictions of sceptics. But do they check their own rear-view mirror? How much revisiting of their own prognostications have they done to see if they hit the mark? Or is it one rule for the sceptics and another rule for the lockdown zealots?

Meanwhile, one of the most fervent supporters of lockdown, the BBC, has run an analysis asking whether the much-hyped Christmas surge – supposedly resulting from mass household mixing over the festive season – actually materialised. There was no sign of it.

‘It is almost a month since Christmas was “downsized” across the country. But in many parts of the UK, people were allowed to meet in Christmas “bubbles” – if only for just one day. So what impact did this have? The overall picture shows a sharp increase in cases around this time.

‘However, a closer look at the numbers suggests this trend was already happening and was probably caused by the new, more infectious variant of the virus rather than increased contact between people.’

It’s not as though people didn’t mix: ‘A survey from the Office for National Statistics suggests that roughly half the population in Great Britain who were allowed to hold gatherings did so.’

And here’s another video, this one from November, of British MP Charles Walker speaking out against the tyranny of lockdowns:


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