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Life – “Life” – Under Covid Derangement Syndrome

How can anyone look at this photo from a high school in Washington state and not immediately realize that society’s response to Covid-19 is deranged? That it’s derangedly disproportionate? How can a sane human being learn that healthy young people, who are at virtually no risk from Covid, are each enclosed in a pod while playing musical instruments, and not retch at the absurdity and inhumanity of today’s sanitation insanity?

How can a decent person not worry, deeply, about how this experience is conditioning young people for the future? “Stuff yourself and your saxophone into a plastic pod, Alison, and play,” the student is commanded. “Your confinement in the pod is for the good of society!”

What will young Alison and her classmates not do in twenty or fifty year’s time when a commandant or commandantress points to some public good as a pretense for demanding complete obedience?


I beg my many eloquent classical liberal and libertarian friends who have remained silent amidst this madness to get back in touch with your good sense – to remember your principles – and to be courageous. Please. Please break your silence against this civilization-destroying hysteria.

I will not name names, although I’ve many in my head. I cherish you all. I respect you all as scholars, as thinkers, as lecturers, as teachers, as writers, as (to use a popular term) “thought leaders.” I do. Truly I do. Many of you are dear, personal friends. But too many of you are not speaking out against this grotesque battering of liberty. You are keeping silent. Why?

Please. Look at the data on Covid-19 and on the lockdowns. Revisit history. Remember Hayek. Recall public choice. Use your good sense. Please speak out against this utter, inexplicable madness that is on the verge of destroying liberal civilization.


I thank Phil Magness for alerting me to the news story in which appears the above horrifying photograph.