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Some Covid Links

This essay makes me miss South Carolina.

The subject of lockdowns was on the agenda of my most-recent chat with Dan Proft.

Libby Emmons decries Fauci’s flip-flopping.

Sandy Szwarc explains how a virus was used as an excuse to wring freedom – along with quite a lot of loot – out of a country.

Edward Cranswick writes from the increasingly totalitarian state of Victoria, Australia. A slice:

Following this disastrous episode, Premier [Daniel] Andrews’ seized the opportunity to implement the most extreme emergency measures modern Australia has seen. Victorians were only allowed out for one hour of exercise per day and one shopping trip per household per day. They couldn’t transgress a 5km radius from their home. Evening curfews were imposed without any evident public health justification, and heavy fines awaited anyone caught breaking any of these or myriad other rules.

Oliver Hartwich pulls back the curtain on New Zealand dictator Jacida Ardern.

Wreckage upon wreckage, lie upon lie” (although I do not believe that Bill Gates, for all of his destructiveness as a philanthropist, was ever a monopolist as a businessman).

George Cooper is unimpressed with the SAGEs.

A reminder: At 7:00pm EST Phil Magness will debate Jeremy Horpedahl on “Lockdowns and Liberty.”