Some Covid Links

by Don Boudreaux on February 15, 2021

in Current Affairs, Risk and Safety, Seen and Unseen

As recently as eleven months ago such deranged general restrictions on travelers would have sparked outrage from libertarians, classical liberals, and free-market conservatives. Yet mostly I hear crickets.

And where are my fellow libertarians, classical liberals, and free-market conservatives on the talk now in Britain of using even internal passports? Surely they don’t support such tyranny. Or do they when the government justifies its actions in response to a disease that is 3.5 times more lethal than the seasonal flu? Why do so few speak out?

If I were a British citizen, I would sign this petition.

Medical microbiology Professor David Livermore is among those who aren’t swallowing the Imperial College’s latest Covid-19 prediction.

Laura Perrins decries Covid fascism.

Here’s Ivor Cummins’s latest detailed video on Covid.

So now Anthony Fauci is publicly proclaiming on matters economic. (HT Phil Magness) Remind me why Fauci should be taken seriously?

Here’s more from David Henderson on the recent debate over Covid restrictions between Jeremy Horpedahl and Phil Magness.


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