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A Report from Down Under by David Hart

My Australian friend David Hart shared this report of Victorian strongman Daniel Andrews’s serious fall, one that has landed Mr. Andrews in intensive care. I truly do wish Mr. Andrews a full and speedy recovery.

The reason this accident is noteworthy here comes from the data that David sent along with the news of Mr. Andrews’s mishap. I quote David in full (links added):

I checked at the government health website on deaths from accidental falls. There were more than 5,100 in 2017/18 (latest data).

Deaths from/with Covid in Australia so far are 909, 90 percent of them (820) in the state of Victoria alone which “Il Duce” Dan rules with an iron fist.

So – over the past year in Australia the number of deaths from/with Covid-19 is approximately 18 percent of the annual number of deaths in Australia from accidental falls (assuming that the year 2017-18 is representative on this front).

I leave the reader to draw from these facts whatever conclusions he or she finds most plausible.


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