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Some Covid Links

Here’s Will Jones:

No surge as schools open in the UK, no surge as Texas throws off restrictions, free states like Florida and Georgia doing no worse than lockdown states – is anyone in Government watching the real world or are they too busy gawping at the curves of Neil Ferguson’s latest model?

Lucy Johnston documents the reality of the climate of fear that stymies scientific discussion and analyses of Covid-19.

Ross Clark is correct: “Vaccines were supposed to liberate us, not expand the surveillance state.” Two slices:

What on Earth is going on? We’re being treated like donkeys. The carrot of freedom is dangled in front of us, but it never gets closer. No matter how obediently we stay at home, nor how many of us turn out for our jabs (the vaccination rate [in the U.K.] is well over 90 percent in the age groups which have been offered it yet), there is always some pretext for keeping society closed down.


Covid has destroyed the livelihoods of many people, and has created huge opportunities for others – vested interests who have every incentive to push for restrictions to be kept in place for the long term. Using technology to control the population has become big business, and Covid has presented it with a prime opportunity.

Omar S. Khan decries Covid fascism. Several slices:

And it is hard to take heart from anywhere. US States that have thrown off the yoke of COVID “autocracy” are flourishing comparatively. Infections (“positive tests”) in Texas post removal of their mask mandate roughly a fortnight back, have plunged by roughly 29%. But too much of the US is still in a fact-free delirium. The UK is a true basket case, and the slippery slope from proud liberalism to crotchety authoritarianism has been depressing, not to mention shocking. The fact that excess deaths are again below a 5-year average seems irrelevant, the depth of economic devastation is just ignored.




Charles Oliver reports another of the countless instances of the inhumanity uncorked by Covid Derangement Syndrome.

Phil Magness reports more evidence of the tyrannical mindset fueled by Covid Derangement Syndrome: Twitter is now removing posts from Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff – posts that challenge claims made by Anthony Fauci. Take a look: