Taking It Back

by Don Boudreaux on March 6, 2021

in Current Affairs

One of my most trusted friends, a person deeply thoughtful and in possession always of impeccable judgment, contacted me about this post of mine from yesterday. My friend – despite being someone who shares my horror at Covid tyranny – believes that my post is unwarranted. My friend convinced me.

The post was written in haste, and in anger over the accompanying video – and not long after I was accosted by a stranger in a supermarket parking lot for not having my mask over my face while outdoors and away by at least 25 feet from any other human being. These reasons are no good excuses.

It was – is – unjustified of me to judge other people’s reactions to Covid-19. Even more unjustified is my judging their choices of how, if at all, to speak out against the lockdowns. Silence on the lockdowns might be justified for any number of good, personal reasons. I was wrong to insinuate that such silence is the product only of unjustified motives. For doing so, I sincerely apologize. Sincerely apologize.

I will continue to speak out against Covid tyranny and the more general hygiene socialism that I fear this tyranny is already morphing into. But it is not my place to accuse others of intellectual or moral shortcomings if they do not assess this situation as I assess it. After all, there’s a chance that the person who is in error – the person whose intellect and ethical compasses are defective – is me.

Again, my apologies for my intemperance and poor judgment.


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