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How Deadly in the United Kingdom Was the Dread Year 2020?

Wanna know just how deadly 2020 was in the United Kingdom, what with Covid-19 and all? Unprecedented, right?! Off-the-charts, don’tchaknow?! And you’d be correct! I mean, to encounter in the U.K. a year with as many deaths per 100,000 as was experienced during the dread year 2020 you have – drumroll – To. Go. Back. All. The. Way. In. Deep. History. To (wait for it)…. 2003. Yes! Truly so! 2003 – the Dark Ages. There are people still alive today who don’t remember 2003! That’s how very long ago was that very long-ago year!

It’s a damn good thing that civilization in 2020-2021 was ground to a halt – that Christmas and Easter were cancelled – that public protests were prohibited – that pubs were closed, churches shuttered, private gatherings limited by the force of law, and school children caged in plastic bubbles. Otherwise, the number of Brits per 100,000 who would have died in 2020 might – might – have been what it was during the even Darker Ages of the 1990s. Whew!

Thank you, Saints Boris, Chris, and Matt!