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Some Covid Links

Here’s the opening paragraph of a new essay by David Stockman:

We will not mince words. America is indeed suffering from a dangerous plague—a plague of misanthropic fearmongering from the likes of Dr. Fauci, the Scarf Lady and the Biden’s new CDC director, among countless others of the self-designated Virus Patrol.

And here’s another slice:

You can’t make up this kind of calculated mendacity, including, presumably, the off-script scripted tears.

That’s especially because it’s now an established fact that upwards of 60-80% of these “new cases” are not medical cases at all: They are asymptomatic individuals who got swabbed and had their nasal secretions run to at 35-40+ CTs on the PCR test, which immense magnification systematically generates false positives based on harmless RNA fragments and dead viral debris.

Yet with only 15,000 to 20,000 actual infected cases per day at best, of which 95% will not result in serious illness, hospitalization or death, the head of the CDC is out yelling fire in the theater still another time….

And a third slice:

We undercover the real motivation behind this blithering crackpottery below, but for want of doubt consider this data. The age-adjusted deaths from all sources during the 2020 Year of Covid is now in, and the thin green bar on the far right margin speaks for itself.

The age-adjusted death rate in the US was only a tad above its recent level, and actually much lower than it was during the entirety of the 105 years between 1900 and 2005. Yet we are still being told about Impending Doom and Sleepy Joe is calling upon governors of some of the Red States who have finally come to their senses to reimpose the mandatory mask requirement.

And that’s the Spoiler Alert. This whole Covid enchilada has not been about public health all along.

It’s an excuse for increased social control and aggrandizement of the state that the political classes have opportunistically seized upon, and are now determined to perpetuate indefinitely with new variants, new pretexts and new assaults on constitutional liberty, fiscal sanity and free market prosperity.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Marty Makary, writing in the Wall Street Journal, reports on further reasons to distrust the judgment of Anthony Fauci. A slice:

But this week, in response to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study showing a first-dose efficacy of 80% at two to four weeks, Dr. Fauci said that it isn’t known whether the protection drops “off a cliff after two weeks or three weeks.” That doesn’t happen with other vaccines. Why dismiss data and real-world U.K. experience with an untested hypothesis?

Britain has fallen far from being a free and open society. I fear that we in the U.S. are not far behind on this road to the hell of what David Hart calls “hygiene socialism.” See also here.

If you’re not yet convinced that the darkness of hygiene socialism has now descended on Great Britain, read this job ad seeking a Goebbels-like propagandist. A slice (emphasis added):

This is an exciting role for an experienced communications professional and offers the opportunity to work at the heart of the Department of Health. The role is a senior leadership role within the NHS Communications team and may offer the first step in developing a possible future career in a senior communication role in the Civil Service.

You will primarily be responsible for delivering a communications strategy to support the expansion of asymptomatic testing, that normalises testing as part of everyday life.

Alistair Cavendish is correct: Covid-hysteria-induced hygiene socialism has turned every English person’s home from his or her castle into his or her prison. A slice:

What would Pitt the Elder think of lockdown? His specific point is that the King of England cannot enter your ruined tenement: an Englishman’s home is his castle. Any time the King of England shows up at your front door enquiring how many people are within and whether they are all social distancing, or wrapped in cling-film, or whatever the rule is this week, you are entitled to send him on his royal way with a figurative flea in his ear. Presumably, the Great Commoner would take a similarly dim view of a king who hovered outside your door salivating like a traffic warden, eager to impose a fine, or a king who made a practice of wandering round parks breaking up picnics, or beating up women on vigils. It is such mean-spirited actions that mark one out as lacking true patriotism and English sensibility.

One of the most acute commentators on what it means to be English was George Orwell, a man who was under no illusions about the depredations of Empire, having seen them at first hand, and considered them at length in essays and novels. For Orwell, one of the most striking qualities of “the English genius” is an emphasis on private life….

Sam Spiegelman argues convincingly that the framers of the U.S. Constitution would be appalled by the CDC’s attempt to impose a moratorium on evictions.

Jon Sanders recommends that Biden and other ‘leaders’ learn the lesson of King Canute.

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid) – the Israeli segment.

University of Hull Nursing professor Roger Watson decries how Covid Derangement Syndrome cancerously eats away at tolerance, civility, and, indeed, our very humanity. A slice:

Closer to home, my anti-lockdown activities have caught the attention of the local press and the city council, as they were intended to do. The response? Not a single counter-fact, not one link to material with which I could engage and thereby come to see the error of my ways. Instead, on three occasions I have been ‘reported’ to my employers at a university and to my vice-chancellor on the basis that I am a health professional and should, therefore, support all the measures being taken to manage the pandemic. One complainant, who remained anonymous, used the expression ‘have a word’. I am incredibly grateful to my vice-chancellor, who seems to believe in free speech. But what have we become, nationally, when merely questioning the government line – demonstrably ineffective and damaging – earns you such treatment?

I am not alone, either in academia or in healthcare. There are the brave and much-derided souls from HART who published the recent Covid-19 response, and the original signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration. There are others brave enough to voice their fears, for example, in TCW, Lockdown Sceptics and spiked online. Others who write anonymously and many who write personally to people like me in support of our actions, do not want to be identified to their employer – usually the NHS – for fear of reprisals. Again I ask: What have we become? I can only conclude that, as I suggested recently, the British Bulldog has been tamed or replaced with a poodle.

Three cheers for Florida governor Ron DeSantis!


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