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Some Covid Links

Here’s wisdom from my emeritus Nobel-laureate colleague Vernon Smith:

Prominent in the pandemic episode are the control freaks, activated by crises, both real and exaggerated; they are at the center of the exaggeration–the “chicken Little’s” of this world. This phenomenon in human experience is so common that it is captured world-over in historical Fairy Tale’s, including Aesop’s “The boy who cried wolf” that introduces the sly fox who does, guess-what?

Jeffrey Tucker reports on the demise of another of the now-countless Covid-19 myths.

“Life will never be normal with Covid passports” – so wisely writes Janice Turner.

The late Duke of Edinburgh long ago explained the mindset that leads to the Covidocracy.

Giles Fraser decries the ease with which people give up on freedom. A slice:

Clearly, something very odd has happened. Consider, for instance, the events of the last week. On Good Friday, the Christian community reflects on Jesus being taken before the Roman Authorities, charged with setting himself up as an alternative king. This year, the Polish Roman Catholic Church of Christ the King in Balham had the ingenious idea of incorporating a real police raid into the liturgy. The police broke up the gathering of Christian worshippers, rather effectively making the point that even in the most apparently benign of political circumstances, Christians derive their authority not from the law of the land but from a king who is not of this world.

Unfortunately, of course, it wasn’t a creative piece of liturgy. Someone had phoned the police to complain. We do not know if his name was Judas. But breakup the service they did. “This is an unlawful gathering,” announced the boys and girls in blue, threatening to fine those gathered in prayer. Despite the fact that — as images of the service clearly showed — most of the congregation were social distancing, wearing masks and had pre-booked their attendance, the police closed down the service on one of the holiest days of the year.

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid)

So Anthony Fauci, now fully vaccinated, says that he will nevertheless continue indefinitely to refrain from dining indoors at restaurants. He’ll also not travel or go to the movies. As Phil Magness correctly points out in response, Fauci thus reveals himself to be America’s leading vaccine skeptic. (DBx: Remind me why we should continue to pay attention to Fauci?)