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Some Covid Links

Four cheers for these parents in Vail, Arizona, who successfully revolted against Covid Derangement Syndrome! (HT Yevdokiya Zagumenova)

Allison Pearson calls for an end to masking, once and for all. A slice:

People will get back to normal at very different speeds. I get that. The outrageous campaign of terror to which the British people have been subjected (far worse than in any other country) will have long-term casualties. But we have to call time on the fear on June 21 because it really is the case that, with nearly all the vulnerable vaccinated, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

I have worn a mask since July 24 2020, when they became mandatory in shops. I don’t believe that masks make much difference to the spread of Covid (except maybe in a crowded bus or train). I wore a mask because it made other people feel better. From June 21, I will stop wearing a mask for the same reason.

Jeffrey Tucker documents the happy swelling of the ranks of anti-lockdowners. (DBx: I do not, however, share his optimism that people will come to see that the calamity into which humanity marched since March 2020 was misguided. I fervently hope that Jeffrey is correct and that my pessimism will be resoundingly proven to be mistaken.)

TANSTAFPC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

Draw whatever conclusion(s) you think to be reasonable from this Facebook post by Phil Magness:

The New York Times has been a major source of promoting the woo-woo side of so-called Long Covid research, including running a feature profile on its alleged sufferers.

This one from January is built around a lady named Lauren Nichols. She is the same Lauren Nichols who I previously discovered is a self-described “psychic healer” who claims to talk to dead people, and purports to be a specialist in detecting “invisible illness.”

Frederick Hess reports on how Covid hysteria has uncorked unsurprising opportunistic excuse-making (here by an especially unlovely bunch, academics).

Tom Slater decries the censoriousness given much freer rein by Covid Derangement Syndrome.

Peter Franklin warns us to beware the post-Covid surveillance state.

Washington Post columnist and CNN contributor Leana Wen continues her execrable practice of insisting that individuals’ freedom be held hostage to vaccination. Put differently, Dr. Wen does not believe in freedom; her attitude is that of a tyrant.

Jon Miltimore marks the one-year anniversary of a lurid Atlantic headline – one that surely contributed to Covid Derangement Syndrome.