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Some Covid Links

GMU Econ alum Abigail Devereaux, writing at The Hill, warns of the dangers of vaccine passports. Here’s her conclusion:

We are at a critical social juncture after a year of devastation. We should use the availability of effective vaccines as a reason to put the brakes on new interventions, not plow forward into more uncharted social territory by creating and requiring novel health credentials to participate in normal life.

Richard Rahn rightly decries the Covid-19 misinformation and hysteria – and the galling arrogance of the likes of Fauci – that have cursed America over the past 16 months. Two slices:

Those 24 and under believed they had a 7.7 to 8.7 chance from dying form COVID-19 while the real risk is 0.1 percent.” Much of the ignorance about critical health matters, and notably COVID-19, can be traced back to mainstream media, which far too often misinforms and makes everything political. Scaring people sells newspapers and focuses eyeballs on the news channels.

Unfortunately, government officials, like the notorious Dr. Fauci, also have an interest in keeping a high level of panic. This previously unknown government bureaucrat was given considerable power over his fellow citizens and the American economy. He clearly has enjoyed the power, as demonstrated by his almost non-stop TV appearances, his ability to glide past never-ending policy contradictions, and his willingness to comment on topics for which he has no expertise and little apparent knowledge.
History will not treat most of our government leaders, health care professionals, and media folks well over the COVID-19 pandemic because too many of them let their own egos and ideologies get in the way of sound policies based on the best numbers. Even more disturbing was the willingness of the political class to defer to public health folks, while almost totally ignoring the overriding of constitutional protections and the erosion of basic liberties.

Donald Siegel and Robert Sauer decry the politicization of government ‘science.‘ A slice:

What motivates political appointees at the CDC to collude with teachers unions to prolong lockdowns and continue the confinement and deformity of our children? First, the Biden administration is beholden to teachers unions, who provide substantial financial support to Democrats and also constitute a major, reliable voting bloc. Second, CDC stands for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and thus, is responsible for the single greatest government failure of all time. Their ineptitude, inconsistency, and overall incompetence, both before and after the outbreak of the virus, has been staggering. Therefore, it is important that the CDC keeps its trade union friends for political cover. Third, public health police state officials, such as the CDC director, are basking in the limelight and flush with funds, power, and influence. For infectious disease experts, who have become our unelected rulers, these are the best of times. Pandering to teachers unions allows them to continue regulating all aspects of our family life. Note also that while the CDC is lionized by the media, they are also shielded by craven, cowardly politicians from any accountability for the damage they have inflicted on our economy, society, and physical and mental health, as a result of their misguided quarantines, lockdowns, and “reopenings.”

Phil Magness is a national treasure.

Great Britain looks as though it might be haunted unendingly by a straw man.

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

The Covidocracy is cruel, heartless, inhuman.

Gawain Towler reports on that MIT study the authors of which were surprised to find that serious lockdown opponents are committed the scientific method.

Here are the final two paragraphs of Kylee Zempel’s latest:

The science is surfacing, and with it the reality that our ruling classes blew it big time. They failed on lockdowns. They slashed our economy. They killed the elderly, screwed students, and ruined livelihoods. They lied about transmission, flip-flopped on guidelines that they didn’t abide by anyway, and turned our cultural climate into a fearful and isolated space. When intelligent people raised alarm bells and offered alternatives, they were scoffed at and ignored.

Now the ruling class is trying to blame those who were right from the start. Don’t let them.