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Some Covid Links

Those of you who doubt the severity of Covid Derangement Syndrome – and doubt that this mentally crippling disease causes people to become utterly detached from reality – might wish to consult this report by Reason‘s Robby Soave. Here’s Robby’s opening:

The COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end—cases and deaths are declining throughout the U.S. as more people become vaccinated—and government officials are finally repealing mask mandates and easing other restrictions.

But for very young children, government restrictions are actually growing more onerous. In Michigan and New York, for example, state officials recently expanded mask requirements for kids at camps and day cares. Now, for the first time, kids between the ages of 2 and 4 will be expected to mask up as well.

“To help ensure maximum protections for staff and children at child care and camp programs, we are issuing this guidance so the facilities can implement basic but critical measures that will allow them to operate safely,” said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) in a statement.

No more evidence is needed to establish that the Covidocracy is authoritarian – but here, nevertheless, is more such evidence (from Ireland).

No more evidence is needed to establish that Anthony Fauci is untrustworthy and duplicitous – but here, nevertheless, is more such evidence (offered by Micha Gartz).

Covid in context: Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty declares that “Smoking [is] likely to have killed more than Covid last year.” Well now….

A straw man (as Phil Magness would say) is now stomping across Argentina.

New Yorker Karol Markowicz celebrates Florida. A slice:

But the truth was that our time in Florida was the most “real life” for us since the pandemic began. We enrolled the kids in sports. The boys played soccer and our daughter played softball. There was no discussion about the kids wearing masks while playing—they would not. Masking outdoors was rare in Florida in general. In February, Governor Ron DeSantis posted a photo on Twitter of himself and a Little League team, no one in masks. There were some gasps on Twitter. Just the week before, I had watched my daughter take her own mask-less team pictures with tears in my eyes. Normal felt amazing, even luxurious. When my daughter’s softball team won the championship, the kids all hugged. It felt human and real in a way that seeing other people as disease vectors for nearly a year had not.

Two months later, Anthony Fauci said, “The risk when you’re outdoors—which we have been saying all along—is extremely low.” He had not, in fact, been saying it all along, but some people, DeSantis and many Floridians among them, understood the low risks and adjusted their behavior accordingly. New Yorkers largely had not.