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A Note on Cafe Hayek

Dear Patrons of Cafe Hayek:

You’ll notice that there are no more ads at Cafe Hayek. The annoyance of these ads – to you and to me – grew over time to a height that swamped the value to me of the income these ads generate. Cafe Hayek will remain ad-free for a while, perhaps forever. If I can find a source of ads that serves up ones more tasteful and less disrupting, I will perhaps in the future try again to use ads. But for now and for the indefinite future, whenever you visit this blog you’ll be accosted by no ads.

My elimination of the ads, however, will not stop the pestilential spammers who invade the comments section with their absurd get-rich-quick-and-easy scams. I’m still exploring for the best way to end that plague.


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