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A Note on Some Irritating Spam ‘Comments’

Many of you will have noticed that, over the past few weeks, a series of spammers have inserted “comments” on each Cafe Hayek post – comments boasting of the high incomes the spammers make by doing some on-line tasks. These spammers then encourage you, the reader, to get in on the lucrative action. Obviously, do not ever click on any of these ads and do not follow the parasitic get-quick-rich ‘advice’ that is offered.

The moment I find such an ad, I mark it as spam and report it to Facebook (which, alas, is not speedy in eliminating each). I must do this marking individually, for each and every such “comment.” I get zero revenue from these “comments,” yet even if I did, I’d want them gone and gone forever. But I have no control over who comments at Cafe Hayek. Anyone with a Facebook account is free to do so, and these spammers have Facebook accounts.

So – as soon as I am able, I will stop using Facebook as the commenting forum for Cafe Hayek. Being illiterate in the ways of technology, I’ll have to investigate my options. Please know that these spam “comments” are at least as annoying to me as they are to you.


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