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Some Non-Covid Links

Here’s deep wisdom from Glenn Loury. (HT Arnold Kling)

Juliette Sellgren talks with Scott Winship about poverty and welfare.

Jeffrey Singer writes insightfully about the new Alzheimer’s drug and the FDA.

George Leef decries the continuing demise of free speech.

Richard Ebeling writes about declaring independence from big government.

David Harsanyi corrects the record on AFPF v. Bonta. A slice:

Many in political media simply can’t help themselves. They synthesize everything through the prism of race or class — or both — and are unable to comprehend that neutral constitutional principles can often go beyond those issues.

According to Kristian Niemietz, young people today truly are scarily socialist. A slice:

It turns out that there is a lot of truth to the stereotype of the woke socialist millennial/Zoomer. The overwhelming majority of young people really do express stridently anti-capitalist views across a broad range of issues. Seventy to 80 per cent believe that capitalism fuels climate change, racism, greed, materialism, and runaway housing costs. Similar proportions support nationalisations and rent controls. Young people associate “capitalism” primarily with exploitation, unfairness, corporations, and the rich, while associating “socialism” primarily with terms such as “workers”, “equal”, “public”, “fair”, “communal”, and, yes, “Jeremy Corbyn” (no, this is not over).

Virtually nobody associates socialism with the erstwhile showcase of “21st century socialism”, Venezuela. On the contrary, 75 per cent agree with the statement that “socialism is a good idea, but it has failed in the past because it has been badly done (for example in Venezuela)” – the old cliché that “real” socialism has “never been tried”.

George Selgin continues to bust myths about banking and money.