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Dystopia Down Under

Andy Ashwood is a resident of Melbourne, Victoria, in Australia. He’s also a patron of Cafe Hayek (and of EconTalk). Yesterday he sent to me the following e-mail, which I share here in full with his kind permission. (All three sets of ellipses are original to Andy’s e-mail.)

Dear Don

I wanted to say hi from Melbourne, Victoria where we are over 200 days into hard lockdown. I’ve been a big fan of Café Hayek and Econtalk for many years.

Life here in Melbourne has been awful since early last year … the government has been making illegal the very things that make life meaningful – connecting with family and friends, leisure … they don’t quite understand that they are burning down he village in order to save it…..

I wanted to say thank you for continuing the highlight the insanity that we are facing. While I am still locked down, with curfew, and a premier who has stated on camera that it is against the law to leave your home to watch the sunset it is comforting to know that the covid-insanity has not spread to everyone.

Keep it up and thanks again.

Andy Ashwood