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Religious Exemption at GMU

My colleague Dan Klein supplied me with these remarks and instructions, which should be of interest to stakeholders at George Mason University and beyond.

Religious Exemption at GMU

By Dan Klein

I believe that God or “Nature’s God,” to echo the Declaration of Independence, or a benevolent universal beholder of humankind including future generations:

  • approves of your choosing to not get a Covid vaccine, especially if you’re under 60 and don’t have comorbidities, and really especially if you’ve already had Covid;
  • disapproves of Covid vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

To put in for a religious exemption at George Mason University:

  1. Download the short, simple form found here.

  2. Print it out.

  3. Fill it out.

  4. Bring it to a notary and get it notarized.

  5. Make a copy.

  6. Mail the original notarized copy to (see here): George Mason University, Immunization Office, 4400 University Drive, MS 2D3, Fairfax VA 22030

  7. Scan the copy to make a pdf of it. Go to medicatconnect.com to go into your George Mason Health Services Patient Portal. Click Upload. In “Choose document you are uploading” select “Immunization Support Documents: Lab Results, Shot Records, Exemptions.” Upload the pdf.

  8. Wait to hear by email.