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Unholy Politics

My brother Ryan, who lives in Nevada City, CA, sent to me this very short video that he made last week. (You have to click the link to watch this 49-second-long video, which I share with Ryan’s kind permission. I can’t figure out how to embed the video in this post.)

I have no idea if the hole, featured in the video, is in envelopes throughout the State of California, but it is in the two envelopes that my brother and his wife, Ruth, were given to be mailed, for the Gavin Newsom recall effort, from their home in Nevada City.

My brother is a wonderful guy. He owns a small construction company – Boudreaux Builders – and has, for all of his life, earned his living – a very nice living, I’m proud to say – with his hands and his native good sense and prudence. While he’s not libertarian or classically liberal in any bookish manner, his keen powers of observation and his deep human decency and respect for other persons have led him to ideological views quite fairly described as classically liberal. (Much of the similarity in my and Ryan’s ideological views – views shared to a large degree also by our two siblings, Mary and Shannon – is rooted in the values instilled in us by our late mother and father.)