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Some Covid Links

Those of you who doubt the reality of Covidocratic tyranny should ponder this brief report from Reason‘s Charles Oliver:

Residents of Durham, Ontario, Canada, will have to keep records of anyone who comes into their home for a “social gathering,” no matter how small, and turn them over to the local health department if requested. Dr. Robert Kyle, Durham’s chief medical officer, has mandated that homeowners keep a list of the full names and contact information of anyone attending a social gathering in their home for one month. They must turn that information over within 24 hours if requested. Kyle said the order is aimed at stemming the spread of COVID-19. Those who do not comply face a fine of up to $5,000 ($3,925 U.S.).

And those of you who still trust Covidocrats to act with competence, seriousness, and good faith should ponder this report, by Reason‘s Liz Wolfe, of San Francisco’s mayor London Breed. A slice:

When another reporter brought up that the mayor had been dancing maskless, not actively eating or drinking, the excuse that followed was a bit strange: “I was feeling the spirit. I wasn’t thinking about a mask; I was thinking about having a good time.”

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter:

Spoke to a nurse today: Risked her life caring for Covid patients, got Covid, survived, has stronger longer lasting immunity than her vaccinated stay-at-home hospital administrators who are now going to fire her because of their #VaccineMandates.

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? (HT David Henderson)

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

Wisdom from Barry Brownstein. A slice:

In his bookThe Fatal Conceit, Friedrich Hayek explored the extended order, an order that is the product of voluntary, human cooperation and not a designed order based on coercion. Hayek wrote, “Our civilization depends, not only for its origin but also for its preservation, on what can be precisely described only as the extended order of human cooperation, an order more commonly, if somewhat misleadingly, known as capitalism.”

Jonah Goldberg has observed, “The market system is so good at getting people—from all over the world—to work together that we barely notice how much we’re cooperating.”

The residents of Upstate New York now have fewer medical options. They are noticing the impact of less human cooperation, as controls undermine the rights of individuals to make personal medical decisions.

Most of us would perish without the extended order; the few survivors would revert to a primitive existence. Today, notice how much you depend on human cooperation for fully stocked supermarkets, UPS and FedEx deliveries, the internet, electricity, and on and on.

Totalitarians reduce human cooperation. Don’t be a cheerleader for their illiberal schemes. Cultivate your psychological freedom to be less susceptible to totalitarian propaganda. As human cooperation decreases and hatred increases, you too, not just the people the mandates are directed against, will suffer. The oxygen of capitalism is cooperation. The oxygen of totalitarians is hatred for differences.

Sofia van der Vegt laments the consequences in Europe of “Covid chaos.”

Australia continues in tyranny. (HT Phil Magness) See also this item. And here’s Australian Mikayla Novak commenting at Facebook:

Beyond pathetic that governmental authorities elected to shut down public transport into Melbourne CBD in an attempt (futile, as it transpired) to prevent protest, which in my view is a fundamental, inviolate liberal-democratic right. Collateral economic damage was also apparent, in that the need, of what labourers remain in the stagnating CBD economy, to transit to work were effectively discounted.

Allison Schrager writes about the different ways that blue-state and red-state folk make trade-off involving risks.