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Some Covid Links

Jimmy Licon talks with Jay Bhattacharya.

Noah Carl recommends Jay Bhattacharya’s and Mikko Packalen’s recent criticisms of the silence of so many economists in the face of Covid hysteria and the resulting economically destructive tyranny.

The terrible spectre of vaccine passports – ‘your papers please’ – haunts Britain.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis – with whom, even on Covid-related matters, I do not always agree – wisely appointed as Florida’s new Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo.

Jordan Davidson decries the Covidocracy’s deranged and despotic reign on college campuses. A slice:

After purging their enrollment lists of students who refused to comply with the shot mandate, a multitude of universities that boast a 100 percent vaccination rate are still restricting students’ activities on and off campus. Using capacity limits, travel bans, masking requirements regardless of vaccination status, and bolded recommendations barring dining in restaurants and bars, universities such as Amherst College in Massachusetts are implementing their own version of lockdowns on students and staff in the name of curbing future COVID outbreaks.

Officials at Amherst College recently threatened students with “stricter rules” following an outbreak at the nearby University of Massachusetts. The university’s paper admitted that “those infected had experienced mild to moderate illness and were not hospitalized,” but that didn’t stop College Chief of Police John Carter from demanding that Amherst students avoid “significant noncompliance” with the university’s mask mandates and other COVID-19 policies.

Most of these restrictions are indefinite, and the threat of more rules and regulations always looms over students’ heads.

Harvard Law student Bailey Kennedy argues that the Americans with Disabilities Act is not a proper weapon for use in the Covid wars.

Vinay Prasad on Twitter:

In March 2020 people talked about letting folks with natural immunity return to work, but since then we denied it exists. Truly don’t get it. Marty [Makary] is right

Martin Kulldorff on Twitter:

US pandemic strategy
2020: high mortality & collateral damage
2021: high mortality & collateral damage
Common denominator: Anthony Fauci

Peta Credlin decries the loss of freedom in Australia.