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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from my late, great colleague Walter Williams’s December 22nd, 2010, column, “Black Education Disaster“:

The charter school and the educational vouchers movement will help prevent parents and children who care about education from being held hostage in an environment hostile to the learning process. And there’s plenty of evidence that children do better and parents are more pleased when they have a measure of school choice.

DBx: Two of today’s most anti-black, pro-racist institutions are K-12 government schooling (and the “teachers” unions in whose interests these so-called ‘schools’ are primarily operated) and minimum-wage legislation. The former is a major obstacle to the genuine education of poor inner-city minority youth, while the latter is a major obstacle to the lowest-skilled of workers getting employment. Most supporters today of these malignant institutions are, I’m sure, not motivated by racism. But in their ignorance these supporters are nevertheless treasured allies of racists.