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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 352 of the 2007 collection of some of Joseph Epstein’s essays, In a Cardboard Belt!; specifically, it’s from Epstein’s March 2004 essay titled “The Perpetual Adolescent” (emphasis added):

Political correctness and so many of the political fashions of our day – from academic feminism to cultural studies to queer theory – could only be perpetrated on adolescent minds: minds, that is, that are trained to search out one thing and one thing only: Is my teacher, or this politician, or that public spokesman, saying something that is likely to be offensive to me or members of any other victim group? Only an adolescent would find it worthwhile to devote his or her attention chiefly to the hunting of offenses, the possibility of slights, real and imagined.

DBx: Yep. And so it follows that much of today’s so-called “education” – primary, secondary, post-secondary, and post-graduate – is about ensuring that minds remain forever adolescent.

It is no sign of enlightenment, liberalism, or intelligence to accord, because you fear that some people might mistake you as being insufficiently opposed to the alt-right, intellectual credibility to the nonsense being “taught” today by “teachers” of the humanities and the social sciences.