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Some Covid Links

Writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, Dave Seminara rightly criticizes the media bias against Florida governor Ron DeSantis. A slice:

Yahoo News at least nodded to reality, publishing a piece with the headline “Florida now has America’s lowest COVID rate. Does Ron DeSantis deserve credit?” “The answer is no,” wrote Andrew Romano, the site’s West Coast correspondent, who is based in Los Angeles, not Tampa. “The virus we’ve known for some time, comes in waves—waves that ascend, peak and ultimately recede on a remarkably consistent timeline.”

Tell that to ABC News, which on Oct. 24 informed its website’s readers that California Gov. Gavin Newsom “managed to flip the script as the former epicenter of the pandemic” with “forward-thinking” policies that included “some of the strictest mask and vaccination mandates in the country.”

I moved to Florida from Oregon in 2019, and I’m grateful to live in a state where personal freedom is still respected. I’m vulnerable to infection because I have two autoimmune diseases, and I got vaccinated in March. But I support Mr. DeSantis’s approach because we can’t live in fear forever, and it’s wrong to force our children to do so.

Also writing about Ron DeSantis – and about resistance to this governor’s policies by “anti-authoritarian authoritarians” – is Florida State University economist Randy Holcombe.

Martin Kulldorff is the now the Senior Scientific Director at the Brownstone Institute.

David Henderson understandably holds no high opinion of Dr. Deborah Birx.

No surprises here.

Ilya Somin, of GMU’s Scalia School of Law, explains why pandemic migration restrictions should be lifted.

Here’s a report of yet another of the countless instances of Covidocratic inhumanity.

The Babylon Bee depicts what many people surely regard as a genuinely terrifying Halloween mask.