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Some Covid Links

Steve Templeton explains that the quest for virus-free air is futile.

Reason‘s Christian Britschgi reports on the straw-man’s intensified stomping in Austria. Two slices:

Austria has announced a nationwide lockdown, travel restrictions, and forthcoming populationwide vaccine mandate—the first in the European Union.


Austria reported 15,000 new COVID-19 cases yesterday, a record that’s well above last year’s winter peak of 9,262 daily reported cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering’s dashboard. The country reported 55 COVID-19 deaths yesterday, which is about half the daily deaths reported during last year’s winter peak.

Some Europeans continue to protest the straw-man’s increasingly violent stomping on the continent – protests that, of course, prompt the Covidocracy to respond with more violence.

Telegraph columnist Camilla Tominey writes that “[a]uthoritarian Europe’s slide back into lockdown vindicates the UK embrace of freedom.” A slice:

The hills are not alive with the sound of music in Austria, where the authorities this week took the quite extraordinary step of locking down the unvaccinated before deciding to shut down the Alpine country altogether.

An entire nation, von Trapped, all over again – 20 months on from the first coronavirus case being confirmed there in February 2020, amid unconfirmed reports of corpses being stored in overcrowded hospital corridors. The Austrian chancellor has also announced deeply authoritarian plans to make it a legal requirement to get vaccinated against Covid by next year.

Swathes of the rest of Europe are also getting tough in a bid to tackle a fourth wave with yet more restrictions – even though the need to do so suggests that the restrictions didn’t work well enough in the first place.

Warning that “unspecified” rules would be introduced in some of Germany’s worst-hit states, Chancellor Angela Merkel set the tone for the Continent on Thursday as she dramatically declared: “It is absolutely time to act.”

She announced that the unvaccinated would be stopped from visiting bars, restaurants and theatres if hospitalisation rates got too high. It came as hospitals in Bavaria have come under so much pressure that patients are having to be transferred to neighbouring countries for treatment.

And here’s Ross Clark on the straw-man’s current abuse of Austrians. A slice:

So, Austria’s experiment to persuade more people to get vaccinated by placing the unvaccinated in lockdown didn’t last long. A week, to be precise. From Monday, the entire country will be placed under stay at home orders and other restrictions — this, after it seemed that the era of lockdowns was over. But perhaps more significantly is Austria’s announcement this morning that from 1 February next year Covid vaccination will be compulsory, with large fines for those who refuse to be jabbed.

Remarkably, in doing so, Alexander Schallenberg’s government is taking a step that even the Chinese Communist party considered going a bit too far — back in April, when some regional governments were trying to impose compulsory vaccination on their populations, the central government ordered them to stop. Austria will join a tiny number of countries that have attempted to mandate vaccination — including Indonesia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, although the latter two have not actually enforced compulsory vaccination with any sanction, financial or otherwise.

(DBx: Austria’s population is just over 8.9 million. As of yesterday [Nov. 19th, 2021], the total number of deaths in that country attributed to Covid, since Covid first arrived early in 2020, is 11,951, or about 0.13 percent of Austria’s population. Draconian measures such as are now being imposed in Austria seem to me to be clear and convincing evidence of the reality of Covid Derangement Syndrome – single-minded efforts to suppress exposure to this one disease, until it is virtually eliminated, as a goal that swamps all others. Such an action isn’t modern public health; it’s medieval public torture.)

A close relative of the straw man is visiting Bavaria, where he is – among other holiday tidings – obstructing the right of private people to gather in their own homes for Christmas.

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

Campus tyranny in Ireland.

el galo mato decries the lies told by the Covidocracy. A slice:

these people either had no idea what they were pushing on you or worse, they DID know and lied to make you do it anyway.

either way, they are now so pot committed that they cannot fold no matter how bad this gets and how wrong they become.

they have to try to brazen it out.

after all, it’s not THEIR lives they wagered, it’s yours.

do you seriously expect this new round of “trust us we’re the experts” to go any better?

for those of you who fell for the “get vaxxed and life will be normal again,” well, i don’t break it out often, but you’ve earned it.

About the Congressman from Illinois who scurrilously attack Jay Bhattacharya, Rav Arora tweets (HT Martin Kulldorff):

Disgusting smear of @DrJBhattacharya by @CongressmanRaja as some kind of supporter of the Chinese Communist Party at the subcommittee hearing on Covid misinformation.

His attacks on Dr. Jay were incredibly dishonest and manipulative.

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