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Marty Makary Is Not Impressed with the White House’s Covid-Policy Advisors

In response to Anthony Fauci’s latest recommended Covidocratic diktat, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Marty Makary expresses this belief: “I don’t think the White House is getting the right medical advice.” (My apologies for my inability to rid this video of the intro ad.)

A strong case can be made that the three persons, at least among those who aren’t elected to political office, who through their recommendations over the past two years have caused the greatest amount of harm to Americans is Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, and Neil Ferguson. And these recommendations have been calamitous. I wish that I believed in life-after-death and in an omniscient and benevolent god, That way, I could at least take some satisfaction in knowing that these three officious, arrogant, and ignorant persons are destined eventually to suffer appropriate punishment for their reckless recommendations and predictions.