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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 207 of Cass Sunstein’s superb 2005 book, Laws of Fear:

But if the restriction is imposed on an identifiable subgroup, the political check is absent. Liberty-reducing intrusions can be imposed even if they are difficult to justify.

DBx: The ‘othering’ and shaming of the unvaccinated (and, soon, also of the ‘unboosted’) is already resulting in these individuals being treated either as second-class citizens or as not citizens – or even persons – at all. Future generations, should humanity regain some modicum of enlightenment, will look back on today’s treatment of the unvaccinated as we today look back on the centuries-ago treatment of religious heretics. Disbelief will mix with disgust and mortification as the realization dawns that members of our species can be so stupid and cruel.