Bonus Quotation of the Day…

by Don Boudreaux on February 2, 2022

in Philosophy of Freedom

… is from pages 109-110 of Arthur Diamond, Jr.’s, excellent 2019 book, Openness to Creative Destruction: Sustaining Innovative Dynamism:

Tolerance is celebrated in a system of innovative dynamism partly because it is usually the outsider and the cognitively diverse who bring us the breakthrough innovations that improve our lives, and partly because most of humanity are our potential customers or our potential collaborators. Tolerance is also celebrated in a system of innovative dynamism because tolerance allows people to have the freedom to choose how to pursue happiness, respecting the rights and dignity of each individual. Those who are immersed in their own projects do not have the time or energy to nurse grudges or plot revenge. So most fundamentally, tolerance is practiced in a system of innovative dynamism because we do not have time for intolerance.

DBx: Or as the great Hank Williams, Sr., summarized the point: “If you mind your own business, you won’t be mindin’ mine …. If you mind your own business you’ll stay busy all the time.”

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