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Some Covid Links

Wall Street Journal columnist James Freeman decries the Covidocracy’s cruelty to children. Two slices:

If the Covid era doesn’t make one suspicious of government, it’s hard to imagine what would. Two years after state and local officials—egged on by federal disease doctors—started inflicting massive burdens on U.S. children, reports of the ineffectiveness of mandated public health measures and their destructive side effects continue to roll in.


A visitor from another planet would likely be shocked to learn that the press made a hero out of a government doctor who warned against reopening society after the spring shutdowns of 2020 even while admitting he had not even studied the impact of school closures on children. But that’s the story of Dr. Anthony Fauci and his legion of media admirers.

Just as hard to believe in March 2022 is that a few mandate bitter-enders like New York City Mayor Eric Adams are still mandating masks for daycare and preschool kids under the age of 5.

Will the less-than-useless pandemic measures imposed in 2020 never end?

el gato malo is correct to observe that “zero carbon and zero covid are the same grift.”

Also from el gato malo is this exposure of a pro-lockdown Covidian now attempting to rewrite her history.

Jeffrey Tucker is correct that we should never forget about the wanton destruction and authoritarian excesses done over the past two years in the name of protecting people from exposure to one particular pathogen.

Who’d a-thunk it? The pursuit of zero-covid in Hong Kong and New Zealand failed. (HT Phil Magness)

TANSTAFPFC (There Ain’t No Such Thing As Free Protection From Covid.)

Here’s some good news is Britain.

“We Learned Our Lesson Last Year: Do Not Close Schools” – this is the headline of a December 20th, 2021, New York Times op-ed by Joseph Allen. (HT Jay Bhattacharya) A slice:

The argument for keeping schools open rests on two constants ever since the Covid pandemic began: The risk of severe outcomes to kids from coronavirus infection is low, and the risks to kids from being out of school are high.

On risks from Covid: The weekly hospitalization rate for school-age children is approximately 1 in 100,000. This has stayed remarkably consistent throughout the pandemic — through the origin strain, the more transmissible Alpha and last winter’s surge and, yes, even through the summer Delta surge in the South and the fall Delta surge in the North.

As the American Academy of Pediatrics stated in a report released this month, “The available data indicate that Covid-19-associated hospitalization and death is uncommon in children.” There is also promising news regarding long Covid and children: A large meta-analysis published last month shows that kids who tested positive for the coronavirus have rates of persistent symptoms that are similar to those who tested negative, and when there were differences, they were small.

The early evidence from outside the United States suggests that kids will remain low risk during the Omicron surge as well.

Wesley J. Smith talks about Covid and Covid policy with Jay Bhattacharya.